Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services do you offer?
Financial Litigation Consultants, LLC (FLC), specializes in fraud investigation, fraud prevention, business valuation, and litigation support in the accounting field.

How does FLC handle fraud investigation and prevention?
If you discover some odd business transactions, missing money, checks, or even merchandise, FLC is the team you need to investigate your suspicions. If your instincts prove correct, FLC can help you handle the situation by gathering information and evidence in order to take legal action. Finally, we can provide advice on new policies and procedures to help avoid any future issues.

When might I need a business valuation?
At some point in time, every business encounters the need to determine its value. It may be due to a divorce, potential purchase or sale, business loss, merger, restructuring, estate and gift planning, or ownership succession issues. FLC professionals can help determine your businesses worth. We are among only a select few firms in the United States which provides business valuation services.

What are your litigation services?
Attorneys sometimes receive complicated and challenging financial information that needs to be interpreted. At FLC, our team of professionals are experts in analyzing the financial aspects of legal cases. We help attorneys present complicated financial information in laymen’s terms. In addition, we assist attorneys in anticipating what the opposition might propose, therefore offering better case preparation.

Are your services limited to Central Illinois?
No. Financial Litigation Consultants can serve clients nationwide.


Feel free to give us a call at (309) 663-1353 or (314) 279-9223 for more information.

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